Defending Food Biodiversity and Promoting Good, Clean and Fair Food for All

Slow Food Kenya

Food and Taste Education activities continue to play a critical role in creating awareness on the difference between high quality products and standardized alternatives.

What We Do

We save endangered foods and defend cultural food traditions.

Ark of Taste

In 1996, Slow Food created the Ark of Taste, an online catalogue that identifies and catalogues traditional quality foods and flavors that are disappearing day by day. Learn More


The Presidia sustain quality production of species at risk of extinction, protect unique regions and ecosystems, and recover traditional processing methods, safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties. Learn More

Food and Taste Education

The project aims at reawakening our senses and understanding where our food comes from, how it is produced and by whom. Learn More

Core Values

The Pleasure of Food

The pleasure of sharing food prepared with care from healthy plants and animals builds community.


Educating people about the agricultural systems, cultivation, preparation, and appreciation of food empowers democratic and just change in the food system.


Collaboration among diverse groups of informed producers and consumers creates a resilient, healthy local food community.

Fairness & Equity

We promote equity and fairness among diverse communities.

Community Involvement

We value the passion and creativity of our communities and supporters and encourage participation at all levels of our organization.

Agroecological Food Gardens
Ark of Taste Products
Convivia and Slow Food Communities

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