You are currently viewing Food culture exchange between Slow Food Kenya and Slow Food Community Hanoi Vietnam.

Food culture exchange between Slow Food Kenya and Slow Food Community Hanoi Vietnam.

At Slow Food Kenya, we believe that food is a bridge that connects cultures, traditions, and communities. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Bich Pham, a passionate advocate for sustainable food practices from the Slow Food community in Hanoi, Vietnam. Together, we organized a delightful community food experience and exchange with the Kasambara Youth Community Garden in Kenya.

The event kicked off with a visit to the Kasambara Youth community garden. We harvested an array of fresh vegetables; carrots, spring onion, red chili,corriandor among others. The garden was alive with diverse varieties of crops from;banana,passion fruits,maize,beans,spinach,kales,pawpaw,orange .

Back in the kitchen, we celebrated the rich culinary heritage of Kenya by preparing a beloved local dish: “Mokimo.” This is a combination of mashed potatoes, maize, and vegetables is a staple in Kenyan households mostly saved with stew.

On the other side, Bich Pham joined us, sharing her expertise in Vietnamese cuisine, together with members of Kasambara youth community garden, we explored the flavors of Vietnam:

  1. Pho Bo (Noodle Soup with Beef):Bich Pham guided us through the art of creating a fragrant and comforting bowl of Pho Bo. The delicate balance of spices, tender beef, and rice noodles transported us from the hills in Kasambara to the bustling streets of Hanoi.
  2. Nem (Spring Rolls):We learned the intricate dance of rolling fresh spring rolls. The crispness of the rice paper, the crunch of fresh vegetables, and the savory filling made for a delightful treat.
  3. Porridge with Rice and Mushroom:Bich Pham introduced us to a Vietnamese comfort food—a nourishing porridge made with rice and earthy mushrooms. It was simplicity at its best.

As we sat down to share our creations, laughter and stories flowed freely. The aroma of “Mokimo” mingled with the spices of Pho Bo. We exchanged tips, techniques, and memories. Our plates became canvases, painted with the colors of Kenya and Vietnam.

At Slow Food Kenya, we believe that cultural exchange is essential for building stronger Communities. Through food, we connect not only with our taste buds but also with our shared humanity. Bich Pham’s visit reminded us that no matter the distance, our love for good food unites us all.

The delightful exchange between Kenya and Vietnam left us with full hearts and satisfied palates. As we bid farewell to Bich Pham, we carried with us not just recipes but also a deeper understanding of the power of food to transcend borders.